Outdoor Fabric by the Yard

HouseFabric is the premier online upholstery fabric store for discount and wholesale outdoor fabric by the yard.  Housefabric.com sells the most well-known brands to make your outdoor living space comfortable and stylish while ensuring your soft surfaces are both durable and easily maintained.  Our outdoor fabrics are sorted by brand, color, and pattern to help you find just the right fabric for your outdoor space.

Our outdoor fabrics are suitable for outdoor upholstery, cushions, and drapery.  We can order awning and marine grade materials with industry leading delivery times.  If you need help finding a particular pattern or color, Contact Us.  House Fabric is always delighted to find the perfect pattern to fit your style and budget.

Shop Outdoor Fabric (By-the-Yard) at Housefabric.com. Name brands include Sunbrella Fabric, Waverly Outdoor Fabric, Tommy Bahama Outdoor Fabric, Tempo, SunReal, Covington, and more all at discount prices. Find quality outdoor fabric (by-the-yard) online or in store.

Unfold the Beauty of Ultimate Outdoor Comfort

We represent the most recognized outdoor fabric names in the business. Please step into a realm where durability meets elegance. Our outdoor fabric selections are crafted to ensure your patios, poolsides, gardens, and more stand out with resilience and style. Every stitch and hue is designed with nature's unpredictability and your refined taste in mind.

Why Our Outdoor Fabric is a Cut Above the Rest

Weather-Proof Perfection: Battle the elements with grace. Rain, sun, or snow, our fabrics retain their charm without fading or wearing out.

Color Spectrum at its Best: Dive into a range of designs, from tranquil earthy tones to spirited brights, capturing the mood of every season and setting.

Ease of Maintenance: Designed for real life. Whether it's a splash of wine or muddy footprints, our fabric is easy to clean, ensuring lasting beauty.

Sustainable Excellence: Because we care for tomorrow. Our eco-friendly manufacturers' practices ensure minimal impact on our cherished planet.

Adaptable Beauty: Not just for furniture! Think canopies, cushions, boat covers, and even gazebos. Our fabric fits your diverse needs.

Outdoor fabric is either waterproof or water resistant and suitable for outdoor applications in either regular or severe/marine duty.  Typically, outdoor fabrics are rated for their color fastness in UV light.  It is not unusual for Sunbrella to test its solution dyed acrylic fabrics for up to 2200 hours of outdoor UV Light.  Other products are not designed for intense all-day sun or may have a shorter intended life.  These products, think outdoor prints, may only be rate for 500 hours or less. These value priced outdoor fabrics by the yard are great single season and event planning options.

Each outdoor fabric manufacturer takes their own approach to fabric construction and content.  Though 100% solution dyed acrylic seems to be the most modern trend there are still many producers using olefins, polyester, or poly blends.  Check each fabric’s details to learn more about durability, colorfastness in sunlight, and cleaning instructions.

HouseFabric is the premier online upholstery fabric store for discount Sunbrella fabric and Sunbrella fabric by the yard.  We stock a variety of outdoor fabric colors and outdoor fabric patterns suitable for outdoor cushions, outdoor drapery, and outdoor upholstery.  Our discount and wholesale fabric prices make all your outdoor fabric projects attainable. Our coordinating Sunbrella Trim will match any fabric and finish every project perfectly.

Our Terrasol Line from Tempo Fabrics is also 100% solution dyed acrylic.  These vibrant fabrics are suitable for all your outdoor living situations.  Terrasol is sourced from Italy as is hold at HouseFabric by the yard or by the roll. 

SunReal is a relative newcomer to the market but delivers classic outdoor solutions at competitive prices while meeting industry standards for outdoor performancefabrics.  Easily cleanable and suitable for outdoor upholstery, drapery, pillows, cushions, and décor.  Sunreal is a 100% solution dyed acrylic.

Covington Fabrics has a full line of outdoor fabrics. Many of our Covington outdoor fabrics are woven prints produced on poly blends.  Most are bleach cleanable and all are mildew and stain resistant.  Covington is a great source for outdoor fabric by the yard when your project needs more than a traditional outdoor solid or stripe.

Housefabric.com offers cut yardage in the UV Sundance collection.  UV Sundance is a 100% poly outdoor velvet.  UV Sundance outdoor velvet fabric is sold by the yard and is sure to dress up any outdoor space or occasion.